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Are you  planning your travel to Zanzibar? Find here the answers to the frequently asked questions!

Weather in Zanzibar

Weather in Zanzibar is tropical, with average temperature going from 27?C/80?F during summer to approximately 24°C/75°F during winter.

  • July-October: it?s the best time of the year since days are long and characterized by dry weather with low humidity. Temperature is approximately 25°C/77°F
  • November-March: it is a nice time of the year for hot-weather lovers. The weather is cooler during rainy season (Mid-April until the end of May).

Sea Temperature
The Indian Ocean surrounding Zanzibar is nicely warm throughout the year, with an average temperature of 27?C/80?F.

High and low Tide
In Zanzibar, high and low tide alternate significantly. Every six hours the tide changes, moving the coastline by 150/200 meters. During low tide, you can reach and enjoy the coral reef. In our resort, snorkeling equipment is provided for free.

Sun screen
Zanzibar is 6° south from the equator, so sunscreen is necessary as well as sunglasses and hats. Humidity is generally high: on average temperature is approximately 27°(80°F).

Zanzibar info

Money and local currency
Tanzanian shilling is the national currency, but euros and American dollars are generally accepted. Credit cards are generally accepted in most hotels and shops. But some shops and all local markets don’t accept them. A 5 to 10 % increase is applied by local banks on credit card transactions.

Water in Zanzibar: is it drinkable?
It is more advisable to drink water coming only from sealed bottles. In our resort, the water is bacteriologically pure, coming from private reservoirs and periodically controlled. It is a risk-free water.

Visa application
A valid passport together with a Tanzanian VISA is necessary. You can get the VISA by contacting the Embassy of Tanzania or the High Commission. It is advisable to contact one of them 14 days before departure. You can also get the VISA at the arrival airport ($50).

Vaccination: is it mandatory?
Even though it is not necessary, preventive care against malaria and yellow fever is advisable. Preventive care against yellow fever is advisable if you arrive in Tanzania or in Zanzibar coming from other African countries. Nevertheless, as a precaution, all rooms at the Fruit & Spice Wellness Resort have mosquito nets on the beds. We also spray anti-mosquito products every night. During the night, we suggest using additional mosquito repellent since mosquitos are present in some period of the year.