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Where to go in Zanzibar to live a unique holiday!

Where to go in Zanzibar

In Zanzibar, if you choose Fruit & Spice Wellness Resort, where to go will be a simple matter of choice. Our guests can choose among a range of possibilities able to guarantee an unforgettable stay. You will be immerged in the nature, in the flora and fauna of Zanzibar from your first until your last day. Lasting memories.

What to see in Zanzibar?

Zanzibar is located in the heart of Africa but thanks to its position it offers an unparalleled range of landscapes, food, plants and animals. Our resort, thanks to the collaboration of Munsam Tours and Travels offers its guests many day trips covering all alternatives Zanzibar has to give.


Zanzibar: where to go for a real safari?

Zanzibar where to go safari

It is undeniable. One of the things tourists coming to Africa and Zanzibar look for the most is the safari. For those who want to live this real Africa Experience we organized a particular day trip to a natural reserve in which you will see the real dominators of Africa in total safety. The most beautiful and fascinating animals in the world.

Which vaccinations to do?

No vaccination is mandatory to travel to Tanzania and Zanzibar. It is advisable to undergo the malaria preventive care and to the yellow fever preventive care if you are coming from another African country, and not from Europe or the USA. All rooms in the resort are equipped with tested protection against mosquitos.


Is Zanzibar dangerous?

Zanzibar is neither more nor less dangerous than many other places in the world. However, Fruit & Spice Wellness Resort is a commercial partner with professional structures offering 100% safe day trips and activities. The area suffers from continuous sudden changes in tension and from problems with drinkable water sometimes. Our resort is equipped with an independent generator and a private water reservoir providing the resort with bacteriologically pure water.



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