Frangipane Restaurant

- the top Restaurant in Zanzibar -

Worldwide Taste

Top Buffet Restaurant in Zanzibar

When on holidays, the guest wants to take benefit of everything and eating well is included in the list. There are many high quality restaurants in Zanzibar, but we’re sure our Frangipane is unique. It’s a special place, the classic buffet restaurant where you’ll enjoy spending most of your time.

In Zanzibar, enjoy a high level cuisine

Many people are used to enjoy a high level cuisine and to access to virtually any international food, especially in the big cities. In the Frangipane buffet restaurant, you can enjoy the best international dishes, and not only.

Fruit & Spice Wellness Resort offers many memorable venues to its guests, from the exclusive rooms. However, Frangipane is of course one-of-a-kind restaurant. It overlooks the pool and it is set between the coral reef and the African sky.

At dinner, a real wine and food journey comes to life, starting from Europe getting to the typical dishes served in the Zanzibar restaurants. In the several areas of the Frangipane restaurant, a show cooking takes place every evening. We just have to invite you to visit us and say “Bon apétit”.

Rivisited home tastes

It’s a pleasure being able to savour your local cuisine tastes even abroad. However, eating in Zanzibar means trying new flavours and scents. Restaurants in Zanzibar, and consequently the Frangipane, propose fruit, natural products and fresh fish based dishes. A fusion that creates new and incredible sensations in your mouth, for a real Africa Experience.

Our Frangipane Buffet Restaurant offers a more international cuisine adapted to the local products. A mix of cultures always appreciated by our guests. You can eat the traditional pasta or something new, or combine them together.

Is eating in tourist resorts advantageous?

It’s one of our guests’ most frequently asked questions. The answer is up to you. We can just describe the services offered by the Frangipane. Our chefs prepare a rich breakfast buffet to satisfy the different tastes of our guests, enriching it with a selection of local and international dishes.