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The wellness holiday in Zanzibar is at Fruit & Spice

Wellness Holiday in Zanzibar

There are many types of holidays and tourists. Fruit & Spice offers a wellness holiday in Zanzibar. It can be a contradiction, but actually it’s a little dream easy to make come true. It’s possible to join relax, fun and natural beauties of Africa with body-care, wellness and physical activity in a real 5 stars spa.

What is a wellness resort

There are resorts specialized in the wellness sector, where specific treatments, spa, sports equipment and the pursuit of physical and mental well-being play a central role. The entire holiday experience aims at keeping the physical lifestyle of the guests.


What does a wellness resort in Zanzibar mean?

Zanzibar is one-of-a-kind place in the world where the African beauties, a crystal clear ocean and unforgettable experiences are combined together. Being a wellness resort in Zanzibar means going in a different direction than the traditional one. A brave choice that over years gained many supporters.


Fruit & Spice Wellness Resort: your holiday

Fruit & Spice Wellness Resort is not only a facility with luxury rooms overlooking the most beautiful ocean in the world. It’s not only a facility offering special food and wine and wellness experiences. It’s mainly a philosophical choice: the attitude of going on holiday enjoyng the beauty things life has to offer.

Choose an all inclusive holiday in Zanzibar

A State of mind
For a moment, try not to think about the traditional idea of an all inclusive holiday. To us, all inclusive means combine the uniqueness of Africa with fully equipped rooms; the tastiness of the local cuisine with the quality of international dishes; fun and relax with wellness and body-care. Discover our offers. We’re sure there is the right one for you, to turn a holiday into an unforgettable memory.

Wellness a Zanzibar Fruit & Spice Wellness Resort
If you have any questions about our wellness offers, feel free to contact our customer service, always at your disposal.