Kipepeo Pool bar

- an Exclusive choice -

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Bar and pool in Zanzibar at the Kipepeo, an exclusive choice

There’s a place in Zanzibar, between the bar and the pool, that you can find only visiting Fruit & Spice Wellness Resort. It’s the Kipepeo pool bar, which offers both bar and restaurant services. A special venue placed between the main pool and the infinity pool. Words can’t explain it, it must be visited.

Kipepeo is the Zanzibar last minute restaurant

Kipepeo’s restaurant and bar serve you in every corner of the Fruit & Spice Wellness Resort you are and in every moment. Get out from one of our rooms and come to the Kipepeo, order what you prefer and you’ll be served. At lunch, the menu offers a wider selection of food, while in the evening the bar turns into a romantic venue that will melt your heart.

Many travellers are used to eating in the highest level restaurants. and when they travel abroad are worried about the food they’ll find once there. Kipepeo offers dishes with fruit, fresh fish and grilled meat that will meet the highest level standards.

Do you want an all-inclusive Zanzibar experience? Kipepeo

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Tanzania is located at the heart of the black Africa. It’s a magical place with amazing colours. Our guests can enjoy it through our tours and Africa Experience. However, discovering a culture means also discovering its food. Kipipeo is the perfect place to find out the local dishes for a real food journey. After a treatment and wellness day, there’s nothing better than a typical dish to enjoy.

Kipepeo is not only snacks and cocktails, but it’s an experience to live to the fullest. Our barmen will serve you in any part of the hotel you are, from the pool, to the deck and the pier. A special place, an excellent quality, and a unique service.