Ngalawa Cocktail Bar

- Zanzibar cocktail -

Timeless Nightlife

Cocktails and soft drinks at the Ngalawa Cocktail Bar tables in Zanzibar.

Inside our Resort, you’ll find a bar that will make you say: “Ngalawa‘s cocktails are the best in all Zanzibar”. We can prove you our experience in the catering and international tourist sectors.

Dawa Cocktail: the bitter-sweet

It’s one of the most famous African cocktails and it’s prepared mixing sweet and bitter ingredients, like honey and lime. This is what you can expect during the nights spent in the veranda of your exclusive room or while enjoying your honeymoon.

Zulu Warrior: all the fresh fruit you wish

The fruit cocktails are a tradition in Zanzibar. Zulu Warrior is one of the most renowned cocktails and can instill in the drinker the real essence of Africa. It’s a sensation you can just taste, maybe matching some typical Tanzanian or international dish.

Raging Bull: the colours of Paradise

It’s a coffe and sambuca cocktail with the colour of the black Africa, the most beautiful and savage one, that you can feel at the Ngalawa bar, furnished like a typical Zanzibar boat, where Tanzanian traditions are combined with international holiday standards.

Tanda Tula: unique feelings

A real holiday must be experienced through all of the senses: the ones aroused by this rum cocktail and the ones stimulated by our treatments. The physical wellbeing and the peace of mind will accompany you after leaving Zanzibar and our Resort.