The Maasai Village

the first in Zanzibar

The Masaai Village is located behind our Jungle Spa and is made up of typical Maasai dwellings inhabited by a local population. At the center of the Village there is a circular enclosure for the livestock and the big bonfire brazier.

For all Guest who books directly from our website (at least 3 nights) there will be the great opportunity to live for free the experience of visiting the Maasai Village during the day and to see them in their daily activities.

The Resort also organize weekly  The Maasai Evening: during this after dinner event all guests will be accompanied, through a suggestive path illuminated by torches, to visit the Maasai Village; they will find a great bonfire and Maasai are usually singing songs engaging guests in their typical dance characterized by high jumps.

The Maasai village is an exclusive Fruit & Spice Wellness Resort together with the Saving Turtles Project. Two unique experiences to make your holidays special that join the already numerous activities such as the excursion program, the Safari and the activities of the new White Beach.

What is this Maasai Village?

This is the first and only original Maasai village in Zanzibar, which was built by our Mums using authentic material coming from the Maasai area in the North of Tanzania Mainland, and it reflects our real home place which we call “emanyatta“.

What can Visitors do?

They will have a short theoretic introduction on our history, culture and tradition, then they will be guided to visit our village where they can meet our people.

What can Fruit & Spice Guests experience?

They are entitled of all the steps as the external visitors are, moreover they will have the possibility to experience the life in our village and some of our daily routine moments.

Are there special moments to have a contact with the Maasai culture?

Yes, for the Guests of Fruit & Spice Wellness Resort there will be the possibility to experience our dances, our nights under the starred sky of the Maasai “emanyatta“. And maybe something more!

Don’t miss the chance to be in touch with a real Maasai Family during your holiday!