Zanzibar: nature, beauty and magic of the dark continent.

Zanzibar: nature, beauty and magic of the dark continent.

Zanzibar is a unique destination.

Zanzibar island is located in the southern part of an archipelago and overlooks the Kizimzaki bay. It is one hour away from the capital city of Tanzania. It is an earthly paradise which is perfect for all the seasons and for all types of travelers and tourists.

Zanzibar, the tips to live it at its best

Life is better when you wake up looking at the ocean and when you walk with your feet immerged in fine and warm sand. To live all Zanzibar emotions, you need to open up your heart to everything it has to offer. Day trips, local food, wellness treatments, the real Africa Experience; the perfect union between comfort and nature lived inside your rooms.

Zanzibar: a very old history

The name Zanzibar literally means “black Land” and the first mention of Zanzibar dates back to 200 b.C. Over the centuries it has been an important commercial hub, for slave trade as well; it was a stop for big commercial ships coming from all empires, from the Roman to Great Britain. At the end of the Nineteenth Century it became an English protectorate and gained some independence. In 1964, it became independent and later it joined Tanganyika to create the heart of the current Tanzania.


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Best flights to reach the island

Flights for Zanzibar

There are two types of flights to reach Zanzibar. You can choose a scheduled flight or a charter flight. You can bring a 20-kilo luggage and a 5-kilo hand-luggage with you. On some scheduled flight, 10-kilo hand-luggage is admitted. Airport tax usually don?t overcome 50 dollars. British Airways, KLM and Fly Emirates offer the greatest part of flights.

Necessary documents and details

The most important document you need is the VISA that you can buy at the airport for approximately fifty dollars. Your passport should be valid at least for the six months following your arrival. Minors should also travel with their passport. For what vaccination is concerned, the one against yellow fever is recommended, though optional. If you plan to rent a car, you will need an international driving license.


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