Watersports in Zanzibar

- Sea is our most beautiful gym -

Deep Blue Ocean

Best activities and day trips in Zanzibar

In Zanzibar, low and high tides alternate quickly. During the day, you can simply walk to the coral reef. Once there, thanks to the equipment provided to our guests for free, you can swim and do snorkeling in one of the most beautiful seas in the world. Sport fishing is the most important watersport in the country. There are many possibilities for fishing lovers or for those you want to try this sport discipline in the full respect of nature. Just look at the day trips calendar and choose the option you like the most.


Diving or scuba diving is famous in Zanzibar thanks to the beautiful ocean floor. Thanks to the partnership with Dive Time Zanzibar, Fruit & Spice Wellness Resort’s guests will discover and learn this discipline by diving in the Kizimkazi area. It is a small, fishers’ village surrounded by many spots perfect for diving.


Snorkeling is a very easy sport activity, perfect for everyone and incredibly relaxing and fascinating. Zanzibar’s typical variation between high and low tide will make you reach the coral reef quite easily. With flippers, snorkel and diver’s mask you can swim or float an inch from the surface of the water to admire unique natural beauties.


It is a recent variation of surf. You get pulled by a kite flying in the sky and working as a propeller for the surf. It is a very dynamic and adrenaline discipline. The only thing that changes it the dimension of the kite, adapting to wind conditions. Close to the Fruit & Sspice Wellness Resort there is Paje beach which is perfect for kitesurfing.


Zanzibar’s most famous sport is fishing. Ocean floors make it possible to practice all types of fishing, from deep-sea fishing to classical fishing. The presence of different types of fish is seasonal. From August to November, you can find many yellowfin tunas while from November to March you will find many Marlins. Nevertheless, fish species are numerous. For all lucky fishers who have a good catch to show to their friends, it is possible to ask our chefs to cook it.