Saving Turtles Project

Saving Turtles: a unique experience in Zanzibar

For all Guest who book directly from our website (at least 3 nights) there will be the great opportunity to live for free the experience of participate for free in the Saving Turtles project.

  1. Visit to the Nursery, where troubled turtles are cared for and fed by the staff; all Guests can watch and observe turtles from the terrace and can help staff in giving them food.
  2. At a later time the healed turtles are transferred to the “Ocean Pool” (a floating pool in the middle of the ocean that can be reached by boat).
  3. Here all Guests will have the opportunity to swim with turtles under control of the staff, and for the lucky ones there will be an opportunity to participate in their release at Ocean.

The Savign Turtles project is an exclusive of the Fruit & Spice Wellness Resort and demonstrates how much the Resort takes care of the ocean and its creatures.

What is Saving Turtles?

Saving Turtles is a project we undertook here in Fruit & Spice because we believe in the importance of preserving this marine species which is afflicted by a heavy extinction danger.

Explain about the cooperation with Mnarani Aquarium of Nungwi

We joined the Mnarani Aquarium of Nungwi because we read up about their long lasting project on saving marine species around Zanzibar, and we also want somehow to sensitize our Guests about the preservation of species which are in danger.

What is the Turtles’s Nursery?

The Turtles’s Nursery is the first step of our Saving Turtles project, where we start to make a contact with ill or injured turtles we get from Kizimkazi fishermen, feeding them with seawiss or small fishes “daga”, and monitoring them with the support of the veterinaries of Mnarani Aquarium.

What is the Oceanic Floating Pool?

The Oceanic Floating Pool represent the second step of Saving Turtles Project. Turtles who will show to have a better health status will be moved then to get used to the normal seawater streams and tho their original environment. Obviously, the third and most important step will be the Release to the Ocean of our healthy Turtles ant the end of this travel they spent with us.

How will the excursion for Visitors develop?

External Visitors will be allowed to take part in this project by small groups visits, which need to be booked in advance and for which there will be a entry ticket to pay, to contribute supporting this project. The visit will include both the Nursery and the Oceanic Floating Pool.

What about the visit for Guests?

Our Guests are entitled to visit for free the Nursery every day, by small groups and with fixed visit times decided by a previous program. Moreover, with a minimum stay of 3 nights, they will be entitled of one boat trip to the Floating Oceanic Pool to feed turtles, and maybe swim with them.

Let’s help Fruit and Spice to support marine Turtles of Zanzibar “Maisha Marefu Kasa!