Saving Turtles: We are going to present our last and innovative project.


Saving Turtles: We are going to present our last and innovative project.

To improve the environment we have to start from what’s closer to us. That’s the reason why the Fruit & Spice Wellness Resort, in collaboration with the Mnarani Marine Turtle Conservation Project has created the initiative Saving Turtles.

The Mnarani Marine Turtle Conservation Project of Nungwi is located at the northern cape of the island; being at both ends of the island, Saving Turtles will become effectively the official branch of the native project born in 1993 in the south of the island in Nungwi.

The goal of Saving Turtles is to create a natural habitat suitable for sea turtles, they will mostly be sea turtles rescued from fishermen’s nets and cared of any wounds. Taking care and breeding these amazing animals is a challenge that we have picked up with enthusiasm.

This park will be at disposal of the guests of the Fruit & Spice Wellness Resort. They will pay an entry ticket as a donation for Saving Turtles.

Our resort will deal with the whole habitat organization, sustaining in full the required economic efforts.

The know-how of the Mnarani Marine Turtle Conservation Project and the economic effort of the Fruit&Spice Wellness Resort will be accompanied by an important organization that we cannot mention at the moment.

The visitors will have the opportunity to discover how the turtles live and discover these amazing, particular and fascinating animals.

Obviously the visit of the Fruit & Spice Wellness Resort won’t disturb at all the turtles routine; neither the visitors will notch the privacy and the routines of Fruit & Spice Wellness Resort guests.

This experience will last an hour, with the first entry at 9.00 AM and the last one at 5.00 PM. The tour starts with the visit of the cave: there, there will be given a first briefing about turtles behaviour, their feeding, and above all, the attitudes to avoid when you’re having a contact with them, meanwhile the guests will be looking at the turtles in their natural environment.

Afterwards, there will be the opportunity to go in the open-sea and to swim with the turtles for about 15 minutes in the special artificial swimming pool (starting from October 15, 2018).

The maximum number of participants for each stage will be 10 ppl.

When the turtles are ready, they will be released towards the sea in all security, to other turtles in need. The luckiest tourists will have the chance to swim nearby the turtles and have a nice swim with them.

Saving Turtles won’t be the only initiative to protect the environment and the culture of Zanzibar. The Fruit & Spice Wellness Resort will also be engaged in the promotion and the maintenance of the Maasai culture.

Keep on following us and we will inform you about our project and so many other initiatives that we have planned.