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Worldwide Taste

Top Buffet Restaurant in Zanzibar

When on holidays, the guest wants to take benefit of everything and eating well is included in the list. There are many high quality restaurants in Zanzibar, but we’re sure our Frangipane is unique. It’s a special place, the classic buffet restaurant where you’ll enjoy spending most of your time.

Informations about Fruit & Spice

Before entering the Fruit & Spice Wellness Resort you need to collect some information. A five-starred resort is a small world with its own rules and habits aimed at offering its guests unforgettable emotions. This is why we made a short list.

Rivisited home tastes

It’s a pleasure being able to savour your local cuisine tastes even abroad. However, eating in Zanzibar means trying new flavours and scents. Restaurants in Zanzibar, and consequently the Frangipane, propose fruit, natural products and fresh fish based dishes. A fusion that creates new and incredible sensations in your mouth, for a real Africa Experience.

Our Frangipane Buffet Restaurant offers a more international cuisine adapted to the local products. A mix of cultures always appreciated by our guests. You can eat the traditional pasta or something new, or combine them together.