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Luxury hotel in Zanzibar: why choosing Fruit & Spice

Luxury hotel in Zanzibar: why choosing Fruit & Spice

One of the best luxury hotels in Zanzibar

A luxury hotel in Zanzibar is not an oasis in the desert. The African location hosts many structures but they are not one like the other. Fruit & Spice Wellness Resort is different for its service, quality, philosophy and, mostly, for its diversified offer.

What does a luxury hotel offer

Our typical guest is a person looking for a different type of holiday, an emotional holiday. To make people feel moved we created a mix of five-starred rooms, a unique location that can be visited taking advantage of the day trips and of the Africa Experience.

Luxury hotels, in Zanzibar you can find Fruit & Spice

If you are looking for a holiday in Zanzibar that puts psychophysical wellness at the centre of its philosophy matching it with relax and fun, there is no other choice to make. Our resort offers top quality wellness treatments. Jungle Spa offers to all guests personalized treatments without neglecting relax and fun.


Leave and discover the African continent

A very special, all-inclusive resort in Zanzibar

All-inclusive resort

What makes Fruit & Spice a luxury hotel and an all-inclusive resort at the same time? The possibility to live the holiday you like. Villas isolated from the other rooms. Ocean-view for all rooms, private gardens and indoor swimming pools. Three restaurants and an international-level bar. Special offers for dream weddings and unforgettable honeymoons. Everything you want you can find at Fruit & Spice.

Our Zanzibar resort: Italian style

In a structure of international taste, we stand out for our connection with the Italian style. We are Italians in our taste, service quality and in the choice of our offers that make a nice holiday an unforgettable memory.


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