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How to dress in Zanzibar? Mango Boutique will tell you.

How to dress in Zanzibar? Mango Boutique will tell you.

How to dress in Zanzibar

The issue concerning how to dress in Zanzibar has a precise meaning and accurate questions. This is because clothing, just like food, is different from country to country. Choosing the wrong clothes could make your day bad and the guests of our resort should never have bad days. That is why there is the Mango Boutique inside our Vanilla Center.

What to buy in Zanzibar, we offer a wide range of products

During every holiday, there is the moment where we buy objects to take home as memories or to give to our friends and family. Mango Boutique sells more than clothing; it offers a wide range of local crafts, natural products, books and much more. You will be spoilt for choice.

How to dress at night in Zanzibar

Fruit & Spice Wellness Resort?s restaurants offer their guests the possibility to book and exclusive dinner with ocean-view. In such occasions, you need to dress properly. In the Mango Boutique, you can find private collections of Zanzibar, Tanzania and Kenya?s designers. A way to discover one of the most beautiful locations in the world even better.


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Zanzibar, local craftmanship is a treasure

?Zanzibar local craftmanship

Craftmanship is part of the Zanzibar culture just like food and natural beauties. To discover all the shades, colors and tastes of your holiday you need to touch the wood and the stone and grip the straw to understand the message of the artists and craftsmen of Zanzibar to all travelers.

Holidays in Zanzibar, useful tips for a unique experience

Fruit & Spice Wellness Resort is designed to respect the surrounding environment and perfectly integrate with it. This is our advice to our guests. Our rooms will help you immerge in the atmosphere; it will be up to you to grasp this opportunity.


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